We provide flexible
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We are a team of multi-specialists, equipped to handle a broad range of everyday legal matters. Working as a flexible extension of your business enables us to better understand, anticipate and respond to your commercial needs and legal challenges.

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Our approach

We are not a law firm. We are an independent, global legal consultancy. We collaborate with inspiring clients to help them solve problems and navigate legal risk.

Our team of consultants combine the same great training and experience you would expect of a major law firm, with the flexibility and freedom to serve you better. This versatility enables us to give each client a more integrated and tailored service.

How it works

1. Introduction

Tell us a bit about your business and legal needs. A member of our team will get back to you shortly.

2. Select package

Choose from a range of pre-paid packages priced to suit your specific needs and budget. 

3. Get started

You're good to go! Contact us anytime for help and assistance with any legal matter.

What we do

We help clients navigate complex legal issues and provide strategic advice and guidance when it comes to their most important business challenges.

We also partner with the world's best law firms, combining our shared knowledge and expertise to create tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and commercial objectives. 

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  • Banking & Finance

  • Corporate & Commercial

  • Date Protection

  • Employment & Benefits

  • Insolvency & Restructuring

  • Intellectual Property

  • Privacy

  • Regulatory & Compliance

  • Technology

  • Trade & Commodities


Fixed. Affordable. Transparent.


Get access to on-demand legal support by purchasing a pre-paid bundle of hours.

Fixed pricing based on the number of hours purchased.


We provide regular, on-demand legal support tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Cost certainty with fixed monthly billing.


For one-off projects and transactions, we work with you to define the scope of work and manage the matter from start to finish.

Contact us for a fixed-fee quote.

Find answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are you a law firm?

The Legal Collective is not a law firm. We are a boutique legal consultancy, working in collaboration with our client sto providing on-demand legal spport and solutions.

Law firms typically comprise lawyers that are authorised and regulated by a local supervisory body (e.g. in Singapore, the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA)). It is important to note that our consultants are not acting as solicitors or advocates when providing services through The Legal Collective, nor are we regulated or authorised by a local governing body.

In many of the jurisdictions in which we operate, the right to advise on local laws and conduct certain reagulated activities is restircted, including for example::

  • the right to appear before and address a court;
  • the conduct of litigation;
  • reserved instrument activities (e.g. conveyancing);
  • probate activities;
  • notarial activities; and
  • the administration of oaths.

By contrast, the in-house legal profession in typically un-regulated. As a consultancy, we provide services and support akin to those provided by other in-house legal professionals who are not regulated in the same way as lawyers working in law firms.

Do you provide legal advice?

It’s important to note that we are not permitted and do not provide regulated legal advice, nor do we conduct any of the reserved activities referred to above. Instead, we provide practical, commercial legal support and guidance to our clients, working as a flexible extension of their business. In circumstances where our clients require specialist legal advice, we work with leading law firms and other authorised persons to ensure our clients get the advice they need, on-time and on budget (in the same way that other in-house legal teams operate).

Who joins The Legal Collective?

We hire consultants from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom have trained or worked at leading law firms or as part of major in-house legal teams. Our aim is to create a compelling alternative to the traditional law firm model, with innovation and entrepreneurship at the core of our business.

We look to attract and retain the brightest legal talent, hiring legal professionals across a wide range of disciplines, who want to work in a different way. Our people are integral to our identity, contributing to a culture of integrity, professionalism and excellence. It is their empathy and passion for their work that has helped us become a trusted partner for some of Singapore most successful small and medium sized enterprises.

What are the benefits to my business?

We provide access to the same skills, training and expertise you would expect of a major law firm, but for a fraction of the usual cost. Unlike a law firm, our overhead is significantly lower, and our service is designed to partner seamlessly with your business. Practising as a regulated law firm requires the annual payment of various contributions to the relevant regulatory authorities. It also increases insurance costs by a significant factor (regardless of whether or not a firm conducts regulated legal activity) and requires management time to be dedicated to prescribed regulatory administration. The Legal Collective is different. We have created a unique model of work that brings unprecedented flexibilty for our clients, while providing a leaner, more efficient platform from which we can pass on the benefit of savings to our clients.

Are there any downsides?

From a client’s perspective, using an unregulated consultancy as opposed to a firm of solicitors is not all upside. While our view is that the improved user experience and cost benefits to the client outweighs the downsides of using a legal consultancy, we want our clients to be fully informed of the position to make up their own minds. Here are the key distinctions:

  • Solicitors are subject to rules issued by the Law Society and LSRA relating to the conduct of their business (and imposing ethical standards and a duty to act in the client’s best interests). We are not subject to those rules. In our view, this makes very little difference to the client, as it is clearly in our best interests to act honestly whether or not we are subject to written rules requiring us to do so. Also, as we require each of our consultants to maintain valid practicing certificates, they remain subject to the professional standards required of them by the relevant licensing bodies.
  • Solicitors’ advice can be “privileged”. What this means is that correspondence between a client and solicitor can, if made confidentially and for the purposes of legal advice, be withheld from a court or third party in connection with legal proceedings. Advice from non-regulated advisors is not “privileged”, which means that our advice may be disclosable in evidence in the context of a legal claim. In this sense, our correspondence and advice are treated in the same manner as advice from your accountants, management consultants, HR consultants or anyone else who is not a regulated legal advisor such as a solicitor or advocate.
  • Because we do not advise on contentious matters, the above risk generally presents our clients with few concerns. However, we have occasionally had client instructions where we felt that the protection of privilege was essential, and in those circumstances, we have introduced our clients to one of our partner law firms in order to ensure that protection remains in place.
  • If you’re unhappy with the service received from a solicitor, you can raise a complaint with the local regulator. If you’re unhappy with our service, then you cannot complain to a regulator, but will have to raise your complaint with us directly. It hasn't happened yet though!

Are you insured?

Yes, we have worldwilde professional indemnity cover of upto US$1.5 million per claim. If we are supporting you in relation to a particularly high-value or high-risk transaction, then we are more than happy to discuss increasing our professional indemnity cover as necessary.